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Dish Network and DIRECTV in Las Vegas and Utah

Record and watch shows in any room with one HD DVR.  With one HD DVR, you can record shows in any room, and watch and delete them in any room. Or start watching a recorded show in one room and finish where you left off in another. You've always wanted your DVR to work like this. Now it does.

Sky Technologies provides DIRECTV for homes and business.  With DIRECTV, your video experience goes beyond your regularly scheduled programming, beyond your living room, even beyond your TV. Sky Technologies offers the most current technology and professional support to make sure that you get the most out of you DIRECTV experience. We will guide you through every available option and make sure that you get exactly what you need.
Set your DVR from anywhere.  DIRECTV goes where you go. With the DVR Scheduler app for your smartphone, you can browse everything on DIRECTV, set your DVR from anywhere, even share any show or movie on Facebook or Twitter. 

Watch NFL games on the go.  With NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go, wherever you go, your favorite teams follow. Watch every game every Sunday throughout the NFL season on your smartphone or iPad. 
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